Firms of any size can customize Voyant to their branding standards. From reports to client interface, reinforce your brand's identity with Voyant's solutions, seamlessly.


Our White Label Package includes custom colors, logos, market assumptions, preferences, and firm-requested changes - including branding updates.



Need branding help? Our creative team will work with you to create a bespoke offering. Email us at 


Rebranding, White Labeling

Guide to Voyant Rebranding (White Labeling)

Custom Preferences

Canada - Custom System Preferences form 

Ireland - Custom System Preferences form

UK - Custom System Preferences form

US - Custom System Preferences form

Formatting Guidance: Percent values must use decimal notation e.g. 1.1% should be .011. "Yes" or "No" values should be specified as true or false


Rebranding with Market Assumptions and Customized Portfolios 

Adding your firm's market assumptions and model portfolios to the software.

Example File - Investment averages

Example File - Correlation Coefficient

Formatting Guidance for Market Assumptions Files

Example File - Model Portfolios

Formatting Guidance for Model Portfolios File