Timeline, Stages - How to use stages to set the timing of items in a plan - UK

Using stages to set the timing of items in a plan

Stages can be used to set the timing of items with a single click. Recurring expenses, goals, contributions, or even periods of ownership for properties can be set by simply clicking a stage in the timeline. 
Clicking a stage when viewing a Timing tab, tells the software to use that stage’s start and end events to time the item you are viewing. This can be a quick and convenient way to set the timing of an item if its timing coincides with a particular stage in the timeline. 
For example, recurring multi-year expenses are normally assumed to continue through the duration plan. Alternative start and end events are what one would normally use to set the timing of the expense differently. 
However, if you have a recurring expense that needs only to be active from the start of the plan until retirement, you could select the Timing tab and simply click the Pre-Retirement stage. 
The software will populate the start event and end event of the expense with the events that start and end the stage you clicked – Pre-Retirement.