Timeline, Default Events - Some events are created for you automatically by the software

On the timeline are a few default events to start. Move your cursor over any of the event icons to see the name of the event and other details such as the event’s year or what the event owner’s age will be at that future point in time.

Plan Start - The timeline for your clients will initially show the following events. The plan’s Start year, which should be set to the current year.

DefaultEvents_01a.png         DefaultEvents_01b.png


Retirement - Your client and your client's spouse or partner's planned retirement, if they are not retired already, positioned initially at age 65.

DefaultEvents_02a.png        DefaultEvents_02b.png


Mortality - Your client and your client's spouse or partner's lifespans will be set with their Mortality events, which are usually placed initially at age 90.

DefaultEvents_3a.png        DefaultEvents_03b.png


Plan End - The latter of these two events will ultimately mark the Plan’s End.



These events will also be listed in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Move your cursor over any of these listings and its corresponding event will be highlighted in the timeline above. This list, which pops out selected events in the timeline above, could be an effective presentation tool as you review the timeline with your clients.  



The assumed ages of your clients' retirement as well as their life expectancies can be easily changed by selecting the icon and dragging and dropping the Retirement or Mortality events up or down the timeline, to the owner's appropriate future age. 




Tip – You can also move events by double clicking the event icon. This will open the Edit Event dialogue, which includes an event slider and options to move events to future years or to the future age of its owner.