The difference between ClientGo and VoyantGo - UK and Ireland


We have just launched ClientGo our new onboarding and review tool to use with Clients. You may have previously been using VoyantGo to allow clients to access and interact with their plans.

Both are used to work collaboratively with clients in different ways. 


ClientGo has been specifically designed for client use and interaction. It is an onboarding and review tool; that can initiate and structure conversations around goals, what the client would like to do and what resources they have to do this.

It collects Goals, finances and expenses, the timing of these and their priority in an interactive way with the client. This will feed seamlessly through to AdviserGo , so you can use this information to review their goals and objectives, run insights to further explore these goals and create What if scenarios to visualise the plan to achieve them.




Clients see what you see in AdviserGo. They can view their plan, create What If scenarios and run Insights. VoyantGo is Voyant’s Adviser / Consumer connected planning experience. VoyantGo extends the adviser-client relationship by empowering clients to interact with their financial plan independently from the adviser and from the comfort of their own surroundings. 

What is VoyantGo?