ClientGo - FAQ's

ClientGo is our new goal-centric, client-facing platform which can be used for onboarding new clients into the Voyant software and as a review tool for existing clients. Your clients can enter their current income, savings, and expenses as well as their future goals and lifestyle objectives. This will feed seamlessly through to AdviserGo, so you can use this information to review their goals and objectives, run insights to further explore these goals, and create What if scenarios to visualize the plan to achieve them. 



Benefits of ClientGo

Access to creating plans with clear differentiation in experience for the client between ClientGo and the Financial Planner's AdviserGo view and outputs. Use ClientGo at review to enable your client to update their information and change the emphasis of the conversation to Goals. 


 How do I find my client's plan once they've finished entering their details into ClientGo?

On the Home screen of AdviserGo your client will not be shown in your 'Recent Clients' list. You will need to search for their name and click on 'My Clients' or 'All Clients' to find them.




Do I have complimentary ClientGo licenses?

Each subscription comes with 1 complimentary ClientGo license. You can reach out to us at if would like to purchase more. If your client no longer needs access and you would like to free up a license to reassign it to another client please see the video below. 



Information on pricing for purchasing additional licenses. Email for more information. 



Why does it ask me to 'Lock the Plan'?

Once your client has created their plan in ClientGo you can then work on it in AdviserGo. To stop there being any conflicting changes you are prompted to lock the plan so the client can no longer edit at their end. 


> Read more here - the onboarding guide

Additional Video Guides

ClientGo - How to invite your client to create their plan - VIDEO 

ClientGo - How to invite a client to update their plan - VIDEO