Grow [all] investment and retirement accounts using asset allocation (preference)

"Grow [all] investment and retirement accounts using asset allocation" is a preference that allows all investments (e.g. unwrapped investments, ISAs) and retirement accounts (money purchases and drawdown pensions) to be set automatically to be grown using asset allocations. 

Go to Dashboard - Plan Settings - Calculation Settings:


Using asset allocations to set account growth

An asset allocation refers to how an investment is split by underlying asset classes.  For example, we could define an investment as being made up of 70% EU Stocks and 30% Fixed Interest.



Asset allocations (and market assumptions behind them) are one of two options in the software for calculating the capital growth on investments.



 The other is using a simple fixed growth rate, called 'Entered Growth Rate'


Unlike a fixed growth rate, asset allocations derive an average 50th percentile return, which the software uses as the investment's assumed rate of return, as well as an upside and downside range or return, each being two standard deviations from the 50th percentile. This range of return can also be equated to a level of risk.

Because of the range of return an asset allocation provides that a fixed growth rate cannot, there are some features in the software require at least some investments to be grown using asset allocations if they are to be used. These features include the Monte Carlo and Historic Insights.


Ticking this preference disables the fixed growth rate as an option

Normally in Voyant you have the option to grow accounts using either a fixed growth rate or to have growth derived from an asset allocation.

Selecting the "Grow [all] investment and retirement accounts using asset allocation" preference will select the "Portfolio/Holdings" setting for all investments, money purchases and drawdown pensions. When selected, the fixed Growth Rate field will be disabled.


If you have not previously selected a Asset Allocation for the Investment, the system will use the default Asset Allocation set in Plan Settings:


If you would rather have the option to use a mix of fixed growth rates and asset allocations in the plan, setting this on a per account basis:

Toggle off "Grow All Accounts Using Asset Allocation" or "Grow all savings and cash accounts using 100% cash asset allocation" settings. 

Click the Done button to save this change 

Important Note: Understand that switching off this preference will switch all of your savings, investments, money purchases and drawdown pensions from using an asset allocation to use of a fixed growth rate for calculating future returns.

Once completed, review the investments in the plan and set them accordingly. Enter a fixed growth rate for the investments that are to be grown using a fixed growth rate. Select Portfolio/Asset Allocation for those that are to be grown using a derived growth rate and on the subsequent Asset Allocation panel, load or enter the appropriate portfolio/allocation.


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