Default Inflation / Growth Rates - Default Tax Table Assumption - Ireland

The Default Tax Table Assumption is found in Plan Settings > Inflation / Growth. 


To edit this assumption in the client case you are currently working in, go to the Plan Settings and  expand Inflation / Growth.


The Default Tax Table Assumption can be used to edit and apply an across-the-board annual escalation to the following assumptions, relating to taxes, and contribution allowances (with the default rate of escalation being set at 4%):

 Tax brackets (20% & 40% earnings thresholds)
- Standard Tax Credits - all
- Child Benefit allowance
- Age 65+ Exemption threshold
- Personal capital gains allowance
- ARF Minimum Secured Income requirement
- PRSI & USC standard rate income thresholds
- PRSI & USC exemption thresholds
- USC 'reduced rate' thresholds
- USC self-employed surcharge threshold


Tax-related assumptions that are not escalated

The software does not escalate:

- Standard Fund Threshold (SFT) - €2m
- ARF minimum fund threshold - €63,500
- Money purchase contribution income limit - €115,000
- CAT thresholds

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