What is an unwrapped investment?

In Voyant we use unwrapped investments as the catch-all category for all manner of taxable investments that are not subject to the special tax treatments enjoyed by certain investment products such as stocks and shares ISAs, bonds (onshore and offshore life funds), Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs), Enterprise Investment Schemes (EISs), offshore taxable accounts, Discounted Gift Trusts (DGTs), and a broad range of other trusts. These special types of investments are all modeled separately under their respective investment Type

OEICs, unit trusts, equity holdings, stocks and shares, individual equities, businesses and even properties can all be modeled under the guise of unwrapped investments. Unwrapped investments are taxable, being subject to potential Capital Gains Tax (CGT), provided that the investment is modelled as having capital appreciation. Unwrapped investments can also be set to yield annual dividends and interest, when appropriate.


To add an unwrapped investment to a plan: 

Click on the (+) button

1. Select Savings & Investments 

2. Select Investment

3. On the Unwrapped Investment Basics screen enter all of the client details.

People - the investment will automatically default to the Primary client. By using the drop down menu you can choose the relevant client.  Each client has a separate colour and this will help you to identify the correct owners policies.

Account Name - Give the account a name in which you will identify for your clients

Tip: You are not required to enter an actual account number nor do we encourage you to do so. Simply give the investment an appropriately descriptive name, one that you and your client will easily recognize during future meetings. 

Type - The record will automatically default to a Stocks and Shares ISA so ensure that you change it using the drop down menu.

Balance - This is the value of the unwrapped investment. If this is going to be used for transfers or future contributions the balance can be left as a '£0' balance.

Purchase Value - This field determines the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) applicable to any gains within the investment. If this box is left blank the software will assume that the whole amount is liable to CGT.

Contributions - To make contributions to this investment you would navigate to the Contribution Type, using the drop down box select which type of contribution is relevant 'Amount', 'Amount with Inflation' or 'Percent of Income'. Enter the Contribution Amount.

If you want to make regular contributions to the investment you would navigate to the Timing on the left hand menu. Here you would set up when you want the contributions for the Unwrapped Investment to start and end.

If you do not plan to make regular contributions to the unwrapped investment - i.e. you've made no entries in the Contributions fields above - there is no need to amend the Timing. 

Click Done.

Future contributions to the account can be viewed in the Year View>Expenses or Year View>Investments 


Tip: Apart from making regular contributions to this investment, the software also has a facility for scheduling transfers between accounts as well as one-off lump sum contributions. If your client plans to make a future one-off contribution or to move funds between accounts (e.g. scheduling a Bed and ISA by moving funds from this unwrapped investment into an ISA), use the Transfers tab in the Unwrapped Investment product. 


This article will assist you further with scheduling regular transfers;

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