Timing - Schedule a future one-off contribution to an investment or savings account

Schedule a Onetime Contribution to a Savings or Investment Account

One time contributions into a savings account or investment are usually scheduled on the Savings & Investments or Pension>Money Purchase screens or as a transfer in using Transfers. This article covers contributions but you can read here for more information on transfers Transfers - Schedule one-off or ongoing transfers between accounts or from surplus income into an account - UK – Have a question? (planwithvoyant.com)

The example shown below is for a brand new GIA investment wrapper that will receive a single future contribution.

Complete the Basics information for the investment, in this example we have used the GIA.

Once the information has been completed for the investment wrapper, you will need to tell the software when you would like the contribution to be made from the cashflow. Navigate to Timing (the menu on the left hand side of the screen)




Set the Timing as to when you would like the contributions to Start and end.  Single Contributions must be separate Events (as shown in the example below).


If you wish to schedule future contributions you would amend the timeline and create separate Events to start and end the contributions.

If you wish to set up separate events on the timeline, this article will assist you with that; Timeline, Events - How to add events to the timeline - UK – Have a question? (planwithvoyant.com)

Click Done

Year View>Expenses will show you the Expense being made from the Cashflow. Year View>Investments will show you the contribution being made