Note, to add a new user to your subscription you must have an available license. To deactivate an account which is no longer in use in order to free up a license, follow these instructions. To purchase an additional adviser or auxiliary license contact for assistance. 

The request to Voyant for adding a license to your firm's Voyant subscription must come from the firm's designated Subscription Owner or Subscription Manager. The Subscription Owner or Manager would email Voyant support ( with the request to add a Adviser or Auxiliary/Paraplanner license. 

If you are adding an Auxiliary/Paraplanner license, keep in mind that Voyant policy is that a firm may have 1 paraplanner license for each adviser license they hold. The ratio of adviser to paraplanner licenses will always be 1:1.

Once Voyant adds a license(s) to your subscription, you will be notified confirming the addition(s) via email. You can then email a registration invite to the user by following the steps below:

1. Visit the relevant Voyant website which is determined by which regional version of Voyant you use. 



  Canada -


  Ireland -


  United Kingdom -


  United States -


Select AdviserGo.




From here you will be taken to your client list. From here select the silhouette in the top right of your screen. The select administration. 




2. Click the My Subscription tab where you will find the Invite User To Subscription link in on the left of the screen.



3. Enter your colleague’s email address.  

4. In the Product drop down, select Voyant Advisor if you are inviting a user to register for an adviser license, or Voyant Paraplanner if the registration is for an auxiliary or paraplanner license.



5. Click the Submit button (as opposed to the return key) to send the email invitation.


This completes your initial steps as an administrator.

Next step, your colleague will register and activate their account

How to check the status of an invitation