Q - I have an investment that is charged a fixed management fees. I see that fees can be set for investments (under Advanced Settings, on the Growth & Yield panel) but these are set as a percentage of the investment's annual balance. 

Is it possible to add a fixed fee to a plan or investment wrapper rather that a percentage-based investment fee?

A - Not exactly but there is an easy way to enter these fixed fees. Simply enter them as an expense. 

The system only allows for percentage based fees to be entered as an account-related setting but there is an easy way to model these fees 

However, you could simply enter this fixed fee separately on the Expenses > Basics screen. 

Be sure to check the timing of this expense. As you enter the expense, be sure go to the Time panel, next to the ledger on the right side of the Expense screen, select the Events tab, and select a start event (green dot) and an end event (red dot) that match the period over which the account will be active in the plan.

If the account is assumed to be active throughout the entire plan, from Start to final Mortality, simply leave the default Time panel selections in place. 

If this is a onetime fee, do not select a second event (an end event) . There should be no red bullet on the Events tab of the Time panel, only a green one. This implies a one-off.