How can I use Voyant to show the impact a Loan Trust has on a client's Estate?

In terms of graphs, a loan trust will show on the plan worth chart, but will be excluded from the liquid assets, liquid non-pension assets and net worth charts, at least until the death of the "owner" (trustee), after which the loan amount will be paid back to the estate and distributed as cash to the inheritors. Any capital growth on the trust will remain in trust and outside of the estate and will therefore continue to be excluded from these graphs.

The position of the trust to the estate is not really shown in a chart format but is best viewed on the Legacy Overview screens (or in the "Overview - Estate & Inheritance Overview" and the "Overview - Immediate Estate & Inheritance Overview" reports) where you should see that only the loan repayment amount falls within the estate and the remainder in trust (capital growth) is distributed outside of the estate.

Comparing estate positions between plans is probably best shown using one of our simulations - the Potential IHT Simulation. You will find this on the Let's See charts under Simulations > Potential IHT. 

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