Q. Is it possible to show the roll-over of an EIS, or a VCT in Voyant?

A. Yes, this is possible.

Here are the instructions on how to show an EIS, or VCT rolling-over:

Enter the existing EIS/VCT via the Investments screen. 

Set up the new VCT wrapper on the Dashboard that you wish to receive the funds.  Leave the new VCT wrapper with a £0 balance. Enter this via the + button on the Dashboard. 



Ensure that you have an event on the Timeline, in the year you are planning to sell down the existing VCT and rollover the funds;

Click on the + button and select Transfer


Select 'Transfer To' to go to the New VCT and 'Transfer From' the existing VCT wrapper.

Select All Available, this will ensure that the full amount of the VCT will be transferred into the new VCT wrapper.

Click on Timing.

Select the Event on the Timeline to be your Transfer Timing.  You can do this by dragging and dropping the Event Icon or clicking on the Event and selecting this as Start Event. 

Click Done.


In Year View>Investments you will see that on the Year that the VCT rolls over, the full amount of the VCT has been transferred to the new VCT wrapper.


Finally, if you look in Year View>Taxes you will see the Tax Credits (Charity, VCT, EIS, SEIS) for this investment.

The 'roll-over' process can be repeated as often as necessary, by following the above steps.