ClientGo - Inviting Existing Clients - UK and Ireland


ClientGo is our goal-centric, client facing platform which can be used for onboarding new clients into the Voyant software and also as a review tool for existing clients. It is an interactive and collaborative tool which personalizes the planning process. 

If you want to onboard a new client, i.e. one who doesn't have an existing Voyant plan yet, this article explains what to do: ClientGo- Onboarding new clients.

ClientGo is a great review tool as you can invite your client to easily update, for example, their cash balances and ask them to review their Goals and add any new ones before you sit down with them. 

Before inviting a client with an existing Voyant plan so they can update their details, you can update and promote* an existing plan, without making any changes in the current values. This preserves the existing plan while your client makes changes to the updated plan. This article explains how to do this: How to update the start date of a plan.
(*Note: Any plans that you update and promote will be in Read Only and you will be unable to go back to update those plans.)


How to invite an existing client

From your Home screen go to the client plan and select the 3 dots by their name: 



From there select Invite Client:


Enter the client's email address, turn on the ClientGo switch, and select Next:


On the Client Access screen you'll select which Client Plan to give the client access to for them to update or add their current Goals, Finances and Expenses via ClientGo. The default is the most recent Active Plan, i.e. Base Plan or Updated and Promoted Base Plan.

(As mentioned earlier, before inviting a client with an existing Voyant plan so they can update their details, we recommend the existing plan is updated and promoted, without making any changes in the current values. This preserves the existing plan. Your client makes changes to the updated plan. This article explains how: How to update the start date of a plan.)

Move the Assign Plan Automatically slider to the left if you would like to choose a different plan for your client to work from. There is no need to adjust the slider if you are content with the already selected plan.


The last step is to enter your client's cell phone number.

Enter the country code and drop the first zero of the mobile number when adding the client's mobile number, e.g. +44765432100 or +353765432100.


Upon clicking Done, a PIN will be sent to their phone for them to enter before registering for client access. 

What happens next?

Your client will receive an email to accept your invitation and set up an account.

Your client will need to click on Accept the Invitation.

More information on what your clients will see is shown in this guide Client View of ClientGo - updating your Voyant plan- UK and Ireland


Once they have completed the update, you will see the client in your Client Record just as you would see any client record you had input into Voyant AdviserGo. The date modified will reflect the date your clients made their latest changes.


To view the client plan, click on the name.  Before you are able to view and edit you will be prompted to Turn on Client Lock or view as Read Only.


Choose Read Only if you do not wish to edit the plan. You can still navigate around the plan but the save buttons are disabled, preventing you making any changes.

It is most likely that you will wish to edit the plan, in this case, select Turn On Client Lock.  Whilst this is enabled and whilst you are editing the plan, your client cannot make any changes.  If your client did log in to ClientGo, they will see the message Plan Under Review. 


To view the updates your client has made, select the Manage Plans tab and you will see a plan entitled 'Client Copy-..' select this plan. 



Note the two messages at the top of the Dashboard page.  The top one, in the blue banner, acts as a reminder to unlock the plan once you have finished editing and before you come out of the plans and  return to the client record page.



If the plan remains locked your client is not able to log back into ClientGo. Additionally, other users in your subscription who have access to your client plans e.g. those with All Client Access will have Read Only access.

The second message reminds you that this is the version created by the client and recommends creating a copy to make your own modifications.  


You can add, edit, delete items in this plan as with any plan in AdviserGo

 By default, if your client was to log back into ClientGo they see their Client Copy.

To see which plan they have access to click on the plan name in the top right of the screen and Manage Access.



You can see that by default, this is the plan they will view in ClientGo. They can edit this plan.