Introductory Learning Track for AdviserGo - Canada

Introductory Learning Track

This learning track is a selection of topics for new users of Voyant AdviserGo, split by category. You can start at the top and work your way down the list or alternatively use these topics to fill gaps in your knowledge. If you prefer videos our most up to date Canadian training video can be found here. 


Getting started 

Watch an overview of AdviserGo, then learn how to launch AdviserGo from our website or from within Voyant Adviser. 


Concepts, Assumptions and Settings

Take time to learn about the software's concepts and assumptions so that you can better understand the projections shown in the charts. Then learn how you can customise these settings, if required. 


Building a plan

I have a new client case, how do I start to create a client plan in AdviserGo? You can input data into AdviserGo manually, import data from one of our integration partners or you can invite your client to begin building their own plan using VoyantGo (click here to find out more about VoyantGo).

If you want to work on a client plan which has already been set up either by yourself, a colleague or a client, the following article explains how to locate existing client plans in AdviserGo:


What-if plans

Once you have created the base plan (the client's current financial position), consider adding one or more what if plans to show the client the potential outcome of your planning/advice:



Learn more about what Insights are and how they work. See a guide on each insight below:


Presentation in AdviserGo 

Now you have created the client plan, learn more about how to view the results and how to present them to clients.



AdviserGo is a powerful tool when used live in front of your client, however, you can also use it to produce written reports.


Next steps / Looking for more

To continue your learning track, we have a dedicated AdviserGo section on our knowledge base with a range of help topics to peruse. This can be accessed from the Support menu on our website or by clicking here.

Some common topics you may find useful are: 

If you prefer videos, we have a series of AdviserGo recorded webinars that can be watched here. In addition to webinars covering fundamentals such as creating plans, creating what ifs and using insights, others covered topics including tax efficient decumulation strategies, school fees planning, and market turbulence. 

You may also find our Quick Start Guide useful as a summary of the main features and functionality of AdviserGo.