Integrations - How to activate integration services (subscription owners and managers only)

Is the Import New Client option hidden? This button is shown only conditionally, when your account is configured with at least one partner integration. If your subscription is not configured with any integrations the button will be hidden.
Or have you clicked Import New Client but don’t see an integration partner you were expecting to find? Other integration services might be available. A list of our integration partners, by country, can be found here.
To start using the integration to import and update client information, you must have login credentials (typically a user name and password) and an active user account with any selected service provider.
If your firm has an account with one of our integration partners and you don’t see them in your list of import options, subscription owners and administrators can manage this list of available import sources or contact Voyant Support for assistance.
Some of these services are also self-configurable. Subscription owners and subscription managers (users who have accounts set with either role in our system) have the option to switch on at least some of our integrations for their own subscriptions.
The integrations currently available to be self-managed by subscription owners and managers are:

Curo, Time4Advice - back-office system  (UK)

Fastrak, Sprint Enterprise Technology - data aggregation, reporting  (UK and Ireland)

Intelligent Office, Intelliflo - practice management  (UK)

WealthTrack, Applied - CRM  (Ireland)

To view a list of these additional services, click the waffle menu and select Integration Management. This option is only available to subscription owners and subscription managers and it will only be displayed if your country-specific version of Voyant has self-configurable integrations on offer.
A list of additional integration partners will be shown. Checkmarks will be shown next to the integration partners your account is already set to access.

See a service you want to begin using? Click Enable to add the provider to your list of import options.
Click the check mark, bottom-right, and when prompted, confirm that you want to enable the selected integration.
Click Yes to confirm the addition of the integration to your subscription.
Any integrations you add will be available to all of your colleagues
Any integrations you add will be available as an option to all of your colleagues - i.e. all of the advisers and paraplanners (auxiliary advisers) in your Voyant subscription. They can use the integration to import and update client information in Voyant, provided they have login credentials (typically a user name and password) and an active user account with the selected service provider. 

When you click Import New Client (top-right), the newly added integration partner should now be shown in the list of available data sources.
Disabling, removing integrations from your Voyant subscription
Once a subscription owner/manager activates an integration, they cannot disable it without the assistance of Voyant support. For assistance disabling an integration option, please contact our support team.