VoyantGo FAQs

What is VoyantGo?
VoyantGo is Voyant’s Adviser / Consumer connected planning experience. VoyantGo extends the adviser-client relationship by empowering clients to interact with their financial plan independently from the adviser and from the comfort of their own surroundings. By advisers trusting clients to build, review, add, test, or play with their financial plans on their own, advisers learn new details and deepen client relationships by becoming the trusted partner to further advise on the new insights learned.


Using the same platform and familiar user interfaces as Voyant’s AdviserGo, VoyantGo works on any device, including iPads and Android Tablets, with numerous touch-friendly features.






Are clients editing plans created by the adviser?

Clients are only able to create “what if” plans for their use.Adviser created plans are locked from client editing.






Do clients see all the “what-if” plans (scenarios) created by an adviser?

Adviser created “what-if” plans are hidden by default. Advisers choose which plans a client is able to view and access. This is done initially during when inviting a client to access their case.





Do I need a VoyantGo license for every client I have in Voyant?

Advisers choose which of their clients have access to VoyantGo. VoyantGo licenses are not used until the adviser sends an invitation for the client to access.If the client never accesses VoyantGo or the adviser chooses to revoke the license, the license is able for reissue the license to another client.



Does VoyantGo replace Voyant@Home?

Yes. Voyant@Home, our former client-facing product, is no longer supported. Clients who previously accessed their plans via Voyant@Home now have continued access through VoyantGo.


VoyantGo is designed to be a more streamlined user experience and offers step-by-step guides through most functions like creating what-if plans and running simulations. What's more, it is a pure web application that requires no supporting software, such as Java. All your client will need to run VoyantGo is the latest version of a common web browser and an internet connection. There is no need to install Java, which could often be a technical sticking point with Voyant@Home. Read more about what clients need to run VoyantGo.


True, VoyantGo is a streamlined product. Some more advanced, technical features -- e.g. stepping items up or down, editing assumptions, adding complex protection policies and pension drawdown strategies -- which are found in Voyant Adviser and that were once included in Voyant @Home are intentionally omitted from VoyantGo. The idea being to keep VoyantGo approachable, straightforward and user friendly. Advisers can still edit and add more complex planning to client cases using Voyant Adviser, our comprehensive companion software, which has all of these features.


An overview of the features in VoyantGo and AdviserGo can be found in our quick start guide. View guide >>




Is my view of the plan in AdviserGo any different from my client's view of it in VoyantGo?

AdviserGo (for advisers) and VoyantGo (for clients) use the same design and present the same view of a client's case. The primary differences are that a client can only view the plans an adviser chooses to share. VoyantAdviser also allows advisers to create new cases and access multiple client records whereas VoyantGo only displays your client's own case.


Below is a plan displayed in AdviserGo (the adviser's view).




Below is the same plan displayed in VoyantGo (the client's view). These are effectively identical views of the client case.




If you want to know what the client user experience is like in VoyantGo, you are interacting with the same interface in AdviserGo. And if you have a standard subscription or trial account with Voyant, you already have access to AdviserGo today.


If you don't already have access to Voyant, consider registering for a free, no obligation 30-day trial of the software today. Read more >>




Is VoyantGo used to share plans that I create for my clients or is it used to invite clients to build their own cases?

It can be used for either. You can invite your clients to use VoyantGo to access plans that you have created for them (the most common but not the only way to use the software) or invite your clients to begin building their own cases anew in the VoyantGo and use the software for initial fact finding.




Is Java needed to run VoyantGo?

No. VoyantGo is a pure web application. All that is needed to run it is the latest version of a common web browser (Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, or Firefox) and an internet connection. There is no need to install Java, as is the case with Voyant Adviser. Read more >> about what clients need to run VoyantGo.




Is VoyantGo tablet friendly? Will it work on my iPad?

Absolutely! VoyantGo was designed for modern devices and browsers. This includes your iPad, Android tablet, and modern browsers such as Chrome and IE 11 and above. The design is responsive, so it will work on many smartphones including the iPhone and Android devices.


Can VoyantGo be used offline?

VoyantGo is a pure web app which runs in your browser, so you must be online to use it. The upside of this is that there is nothing to install and you can run it from anywhere, provided that you have an internet connection.


Can VoyantGo (and AdviserGo) be rebranded and if so, what is the cost?

Yes, rebranding is available for our Go products, which can be rebranded together as a package. The pricing is the same as rebranding Voyant Adviser. However, if you purchase a second white label, you get a discount.

Below, for example, is the rebranding pricing for our UK release.


Initial Design Fee

Monthly Service Charge

Voyant Adviser only



AdviserGo and VoyantGo only



Rebrand both



Contact Voyant Support if you would like more information on rebranding VoyantGo and AdviserGo.


When a change is made to a plan through AdviserGo, can that change then be viewed by the adviser in Voyant Adviser or AdviserGo?

Yes. When working on a client case, you and your client are accessing and editing a single record on our servers. This record can be viewed in Voyant Adviser or AdviserGo, if you are an adviser, or VoyantGo if you are a client,

You can view and edit any updates made by your client and your client can view the changes you make, provided you've made the plan/scenario visible to your client.



As Voyant subscribers, do we receive two complimentary licenses to VoyantGo as was once the case with Voyant @Home?

No, VoyantGo is an add-on service. Details on pricing for VoyantGo licenses can be found here, by country. VoyantGo can be purchased standalone or used together with Snapshot.






United Kingdom


United States

If you are trialing Voyant Adviser and AdviserGo, your account comes equipped with two VoyantGo licenses that you are welcome to use with your clients for the duration of your trial. These licenses will expire at he end of the trial unless you choose to subscribe to this service along with Voyant Adviser/AdviserGo.


Where do I go to invite clients to use VoyantGo?

Client invitations are managed in AdviserGo, on the software's My Invitations tab. They are no longer sent from the Voyant website.

Note: Invitations sent to colleagues to access their adviser and paraplanner (auxiliary) licenses, on the other hand, are still managed on the Voyant website.

To manage client invites, sign into the Voyant website and open AdviserGo or launch AdviserGo using the button in Voyant Adviser.

Advisers can then invite clients to use VoyantGo in two different ways.
Option A - Invite a client to access their existing financial plan, one you’ve already created them. 
Most commonly, an adviser or paraplanner will first use Voyant Adviser or Adviser Go to build a financial plan for their client. The adviser can then invite the client to access their plan via VoyantGo.
Clients can, in turn, use the software to review their current long-term outlook as well as the adviser’s recommendations, all of which are set automatically to be read-only. Only the advisers can make changes to the cases they create. However, clients do have the option to explore and share feedback with advisers by adding changes via what-if scenarios. Read more >>
Option B - Invite a client to start their own plan, usually for initial fact finding.
Advisers can also use AdviserGo for initial fact finding. Rather than sharing an adviser-built case, the adviser could invite clients (or possibly prospective clients) to use the software to create their own cases from scratch. The adviser could then review the case and possibly build recommendations from it.  Read more >>


On the Voyant website my subscription shows only ten registered VoyantGo user accounts, whereas AdviserGo shows that I have no invitations available. Why the discrepancy?

The number of available client invitations in AdviserGo may not necessarily match the number of unused VoyantGo licenses available in your subscription.

For example, your firm could have 20 unused VoyantGo licenses but only 10 invitations available. This is because once an invitation is sent, an invitation slot is taken and a VoyantGo license is, effectively, reserved for your client regardless of whether they register and use the associated VoyantGo license. This reservation remains in effect at least until you revoke the invitation or revoke the user’s access by deactivating their VoyantGo account.






We do this to ensure you have enough licenses for all of your invited clients, so a client doesn’t respond to a an invitation only to discover that your firm is now out of AdviserGo licenses.


If you find your subscription is out of invitations:


1. The first thing to do would be to check for unused invitations and consider rescinding at least the ones that are the most longstanding.


2. If you find your clients have all accepted their invitations and are using VoyantGo, contact Voyant accounts and request to have another block of VoyantGo licenses added to your subscription.

3. A third option would be to deactivate any VoyantGo accounts that are no longer in use. Read more >>



Can I remove a client's access to VoyantGo and reassign it to another client?

Yes, if you have granted a client access to VoyantGo in the past and would like to reassign their access (the license) to another client, simply deactivate the former client's VoyantGo account. Doing so will free the license to be used by another client. Read more >>

If you have invited a client, which effectively holds a VoyantGo license for that person, but the invitation was never accepted (the client never registered), then simply revoke the invitation. Read more >>