Option B - Invite your client to begin work on their own plan (use VoyantGo for initial fact finding)

In addition to inviting clients to access the plans you create for them, advisers can also use AdviserGo for initial fact finding. Rather than sharing an adviser-built case, the adviser could invite clients (or possibly prospective clients) to use the software to create their own cases from scratch. The adviser could then review the case and possibly build recommendations from it. 
If you intend to use VoyantGo with as a fact finding tool and are inviting a client to begin work on their own plan anew:
1. Open AdviserGo and click “My Invitations” top-left.

This tab will show the status of all the invitations in queue as well as the number of invitations available to send. 

Note: If you find your subscription is currently out of invitations, the first thing to do would be to check for unused invitations and consider rescinding at least the ones that are the most longstanding. Read more >>
2. Click Invite.
3. Enter your client’s Name and Email Address and click Send Invite
An invitation will be sent to this email address.
Note: Because you are inviting your client to create an entirely new plan, there is no need to generate a PIN for the user or to set any plans as visible or hidden as would be the case if you were inviting a client to access an existing plan – one you have created for the client.
A message will appear indicating whether the invitation was sent successfully. Click OK.
Read on. Next steps, see what your client will need to do to begin work on their plan.
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